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The EBS Symposium has always been a very traditional event, but as you might have noticed from this year’s topic, we are all about adapting to change. We have recognized that entrepreneurship is a significant sector where many of our futures lie. Therefore we also want to include start-ups in our event, and we will do that by letting eight start-ups battle it out on stage. We want start-ups looking to make the best of the new era and change our lives for the better in the post-pandemic times.

So, if you and your idea are…

  • In the pre-seed phase
  • Are working on an innovative idea that will change the world after the pandemic 
  • In need of 5.000€ to help fund your venture
  • Interested in a founder’s package by our main sponsor Futury
  • Willing to stand up for your idea and to convince the jury and the audience that you have the potential to make the world a better place

…then you have found your place to be: Our start-up pitch battle.

You will have 5 Minutes time to convince four jury members, who are experts in the field of start-ups and venture capital, as well as the audience. The Pitches will take place on our studio stage in the newly built auditorium. Your venture should be pre-seed and does not have to be a founded company yet, but you should have something to show for yourself already. This means that first customers or a prototype would be a plus.

Upload your pitch deck and a short video, in which we can see who’s behind the idea and which explains what you would use the prize for. We will evaluate your submission and let you know if you’re part of the very first start-up pitch battle at our Symposium.


What do you need?

  • To send in your pitch deck
  • A short video explaining who you are and what you will use the prize for
  • The ability to pitch and attend our event on campus from the 15th – 17th September

If you have all of the above, we are looking forward to your application! 

Submission Deadline: 10 September 2021

    Upload your Pitchdeck

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    Upload your Introductory Video

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