Thomas Duvenbeck

SpecialityManaging Partner // Duvenbeck Group
Thomas Duvenbeck, managing partner of the Duvenbeck Group, took over the management of the Bocholt-based family business at the age of 26 – due to the early death of his father.
As a qualified forwarding merchant and subsequent studies at the German Foreign Trade and Transport Academy (DAV) in Bremen, he managed to develop the company founded in 1932 from a 50-man transport company to a full-service logistics company operating throughout Europe with meanwhile around 6,000 employees and more than 30 branches in Europe. Among the most renowned customers are, for example, the largest brands in the automotive and automotive supplier industry as well as the industrial goods sector.
Against the background of the increasing shortage of skilled workers and drivers, Thomas Duvenbeck founded his own academy in 2013, thus ensuring the permanent training and further education of his own employees. At the same time, Duvenbeck promotes dual courses of study in logistics and IT.
Since 2015 Thomas Duvenbeck has been a member of the advisory board of the BVL (German Logistics Association).