Olivier Krüger

SpecialityCEO Lufthansa Systems
PanelCrisis Management Panel
Quote"It's not about crises mode anymore. It is about shaping the future and the future has already begun!"

Olivier Krüger is CEO of Lufthansa Systems. Driven by determination and trend-setting visions, he  is a true innovation enthusiast on a mission for a more digital travel experience.  

In 2015, Olivier Krüger has taken on the challenge of running one of the world’s leading airline IT  companies. From VP Americas to CEO of the entity Asia Pacific, his career at Lufthansa Systems  is marked by various managerial positions worldwide. Along the way, he pushed Lufthansa  Systems to take over a pioneering role in both the airline and technology worlds.  

Olivier Krüger studied Law and International Relations in Germany and earned his master’s degree  in Political Science from the University Sciences Po Strasbourg in France. Due to his diplomatic  family background, he grew up in an international environment on various continents all over the  world.  

Attend the 32nd Symposium and learn more about the leadership of Oliver Krüger and his success story.

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