Mr. Sven Ursinus

SpecialityPublic Affairs Manager // Huawei Technologies

He was born in 1987 in Hildesheim in Lower Saxony and studied law and politics in Konstanz, Göttingen and Erfurt. In addition to being the German regional manager of a software start-up from Austria, he was engaged in political activities and linked questions of politics and technology. Before he joined Huawei almost two years ago, he represented the interests of the German SME software industry in Berlin as head of the capital office of the Federal Association of IT SMEs.

For almost two years he has been working in the field of governmental affairs for Huawei. He represents one of the world’s largest ICT companies in Berlin and is responsible for digital sovereignty, cyber security, data protection, network policy, trade and innovation issues, among others.

What am I most proud of:
My family, my friends and that I can live a happy, balanced life.

What I love most about my job:
To be at the global forefront of technological development and then to be part of a major intercultural project that connects China to the world.

My biggest weakness:
The Chinese sweets next to the coffee machine in our Berlin office.

How I became successful:
Even if it sounds trite: That I have left my own comfort zone again and again.