Moritz Hagenmüller

SpecialityMD & Strategy Leader Accenture Europe, DACH, Russia
Quote"Tomorrow will be digital, sustainable, and diverse – and we all can conquer #tomorrowtoday."

Moritz Hagenmüller is a Managing Director at Accenture, leading the Strategy Consulting business for the German-speaking countries and Russia, the Hamburg Accenture office, responsible for the European M&A, sustainability, and growth strategy teams. Moritz is a trusted advisor to the C-Suite and Private Equity Investors on corporate, growth, and technology strategies in the face of digital disruption. Moritz is also a former shareholder and manager of family and VC-owned B2C and B2B companies. Before joining Accenture in 2015, he was Managing Director and Executive Board Member of Libri, Europe’s leading media wholesaler. He started his career at Bain & Company. Moritz studied Business Administration in St. Gallen and Cornell and holds a Ph.D. from the University of St. Gallen.

His areas of expertise include strategy development, digital transformation, cost competitiveness, organizational agility, and mergers and acquisitions. In his Keynote „#tomorrowtoday“ Moritz will talk about how the future of Business will be digital, sustainable, and diverse.

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by Moritz Hagenmüller