Isabel Grupp

SpecialityManaging Director at Plastro Mayer
PanelAI in Family Firms Panel

Entrepreneur, follower, author, influencer and state chairwoman of the Young Entrepreneurs Baden-Württemberg grew up in the tranquil town of Trochtelfingen. Professionally, Isabel went directly from New York to the Swabian Alb. 

After completing her Bachelor’s degree (Business Administration and Management) at Lake Constance and her Master’s degree (International Business Development) at home and abroad, she joined her parents‘ family business Plastro Mayer in 2011. 

She has been a member of the Plastro Mayer GmbH management team since 2015. In the male-dominated plastics industries She is also a welcome guest in numerous public media such as TV shows, business talks, lectures, podcasts and other social media channels. As state chairwoman of the Young Entrepreneurs Baden Württemberg, she represents the concerns of successors. She also acts as a mentor for start-ups in the Grace female empowerment program.




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