Fabian Billing

SpecialityManaging Partner for Germany & Austria, McKinsey & Company
Quote“There are enormous opportunities but also challenges to build a future that delivers growth, sustainability and inclusion. The world will need to jointly work on these three goals simultaneously, knowing that they don’t always pull in the same direction. As today’s leaders we owe it to future generations to act immediately: We need to make a difference every day.”
Side Fact“I believe that there’s no better time to work in consulting and no better time to join McKinsey. With the upheavals in demographics, digitization and decarbonization, some of the toughest challenges and greatest opportunities across industries lie ahead. Together with a great team I am able to help our clients shape bold strategies and transform the way they work, embed technology where it unlocks value, innovate and build capabilities to sustain the change. Not just any change, but change that matters – for their organizations, their people, and in turn society at large. It is a fascinating journey and rewarding experience with a steep learning curve.”

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