David Zimmer

SpecialityFounder and CEO Inexio
KeynotePassion or No crisis is bigger than your opportunity
QuoteThe only constant in (entrepreneurial) life is constant change!
Side FactHaving started his entrepreneurial journey at age 17, David has now 31 years of experience in building companies and great entrepreneurs.

David Zimmer is one of the most successful founders in Germany. He founded his first company at the age of 17. After an exchange year in the USA, he decides to drop out of school and go his own way. At 20, he is broke and has large debts.

But the bankruptcy doesn’t throw him off the curve. He fights his way back until he is diagnosed with cancer. But he doesn’t give up, trusts in his strength and overcomes even the cancer.

A few years later, he has the idea of a lifetime: to provide communities in rural areas with fast Internet. With his company „inexio,“ the man from the Saarland henceforth lays fiber optic cables in the provinces and becomes one of Germany’s most successful founders. In 2012, he was named „Entrepreneur of the Year“.

Now he has sold his company „inexio“ for just over one billion euros and turned his startup into a unicorn. This is the term used to describe young companies that have reached a value in the billions. In Germany, very few startups have managed that so far.

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