Celine Willers

SpecialityFounder of The People Branding Company
Fireside ChatThe Power of LinkedIn
Quote„Stay curious and hungry for new opportunities! Never rest, get out of your comfort zone and always challenge yourself. Ideas for innovations can be around every corner, just keep your eyes open and take the chances when they are in front of you.“
Fun Fact“When Céline received an invitation in 2019 one day before the Amfar Gala - the a-celebrity gala, at which Kylie Jenner and Claudia Schiffer, among others, were present - she called the fashion university in Stuttgart and spontaneously asked a student if he would like to borrow her a dress of his fashion collection.”

There is barely any German founder or manager who doesn’t know her from LinkedIn! Céline is one of the most well-known business influencers on LinkedIn. She started to feed her personal profile with self-created content focusing on the latest innovations, startups and tech-trends. Since then, her LinkedIn experienced dramatic growth in followers and now compromises a large community of +93.000 professionals with a weekly reach of more than 250.000 people.

LinkedIn recognized her work by awarding Céline twice in a row as “LinkedIn Top Voice” 2018 and 2019. She now founded her own company “The People Branding Company“ to help multinational brands and professionals harness the power of personal branding & corporate influencing in order to drive influence and reach.

As a speaker for personal branding she is a guest at many top events across Europe, such as NOAH – Europe’s best-known start-up conference.

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