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That depends on what you want to do at our event. 
If you want to watch the livestreams of the stages, be inspired by our speakers, listen to the experts in the panels and root for your favourite start-up, then the Livestream ticket is right for you. It includes all that, but does not enable you to use any of our online platforms networking features. If you are not looking for new connections or to prove yourself to our corporate partners, this ticket is right for you. All the video material will also be available up to 24 hours after the event, so don’t worry about time differences.

However, if you want to use the full potential of our platform and possibly attend our physical event, the Online Networking Ticket is perfect for you. It gives you access to all our digital networking features, makes you eligible for the online recruiting measures, by some of our corporate partners and makes you eligible to be invited on campus. This is the ticket that reserves you the option to get the most out of the 32. EBS Symposium. If you are looking for new connections and possibly an internship or a job, this is the ticket for you! If you have the opportunity to travel to Oestrich-Winkel for the event, we also must urge you to tick the box that asks, whether you can attend the event on campus! Upgrading your ticket, if you get the opportunity, is really worth it.

Well first of all you need a handful of minutes of your time. Furthermore you should have all sorts of information that you will probably have provided in you CV ready, not to mention your CV itself! That means things like where you study, what sort of working experience you have, what your grade average is and so on, will be asked of you. Also you will be asked to upload your CV, so have that ready! If you did not manage to answer all the questions or upload your CV as you bought your ticket, you can still do that in your profile section on our platform at a later point in time, so don’t worry. Just make sure, that you answer everything as soon as possible, so that you can present yourself the best in front of our corporate partners!

Go to https://live.ebs-symposium.eu/signup/ and sign up for our event. You can choose between a Livestream Ticket and an Online Networking Ticket. The former gives you access to the livestreams, the latter gives you access to our entire platform and all of its networking features. Most importantly, though, the Online Networking Ticket is the only ticket, which you can upgrade for an On-Campus Ticket.

You will first have to buy an Online Networking Ticket. This enters you into a sort of selection process. While signing up for the Online Networking Ticket, you will have to upload your CV and answer a handful of questions, all of that will be used by our corporate partners for selection of on-campus recruiting candidates. 

Once you have been selected for on-campus recruiting, we will let you upgrade your ticket so that you can come visit us in the Rheingau. After all the recruiting spots have been filled, and the health and safety restrictions allow more participants, we will invite further people to upgrade their ticket and join us on campus.

The upgrade of your ticket to an on-campus one, will cost you 64,90€.

Either a representative of our team or a representative of the firm, which is inviting you, will contact you via e-mail or telephone to let you know of your chance to take part in recruiting measures. You can then either agree or decline the offer, but don’t forget that it is not a chance unless you take it!

Keep in mind, that if you are invited for on-campus recruiting, you will have to buy the On-Campus Upgrade for 64,90€ in order to attend.

Oh there’s a lot of things:

  • Listen to inspiring speeches
  • Get to know likeminded people
  • Learn a thing or two from experts discussing hot topics in our panels
  • Get some hands on experience in working with a potential employer at the workshops
  • Make an impression at the interviews
  • Use your knowledge of dinner etiquette at the Corporate Dinners
  • Show your quick thinking skills at our speed datings
  • Polish up your knowledge in our quiz duels
  • Join meetings with peers and corporate representatives
  • Enjoy a wine and wonderful food on campus
  • Take in the sunset on the corporate cruise
  • Leave satisfied and happy to have experienced the 32nd EBS Symposium

I probably still forgot things, didn’t I?

If you are a company or individual that would like to support the EBS Symposium and take part in the unique opportunities we have to offer, contact us here: info@ebs-symposium.de
We offer exclusive opportunities to meet, get to know and recruit our participants. Furthermore, we are a great platform to present yourself in front of an audience full of students and young professionals. If that sounds like something you might want to do, don’t hesitate to contact us and we will be glad to assist you in finding the perfect opportunity for your needs.