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That depends on what you are looking for at our event.

If you want to join us for all three days, including our amazing and well known afterparty, then you need to buy our Regular Ticket.

If you want additional amenities we recommend you take the limited VIP ticket.

Maybe you already know the EBS Symposium, fell in love with the event and want to show us your support while adding even more amenities to your stay, we recommend our very strictly limited Platinum ticket. To show your great support on campus we add our this years team hoodie to each Platinum ticket.

As a professional we ask you to buy our Professionals ticket, since our other tickets are for to students only.

If you can only join us for one of the days of our event we offer you separate tickets for each day.

Whatever ticket you will take, we are more than happy to welcome everyone back on campus for our this years EBS Symposium.
Since the current situation of the pandemic allows us to open the campus for everyone, we decided to hold an on sight only event.

Well first of all you need a handful of minutes of your time.

Furthermore you should have all sorts of information that you will probably have provided in your CV ready, not to mention your CV itself! That means things like where you study, what sort of working experience you have, what your grade average is and so on, we will ask those questions. After receiving your order confirmation you will receive another email with a link leading you to a form we ask you to fill out, there you also will have to upload your CV. Since our team will send out every email you maybe have to be a little bit patient and wait for the mail, a good time for you to update and perfectly prepare your CV since there is no option to reupload the file. 

With clicking on that link you will be sent to the upload section. You have 48 hours to fill out our form, otherwise we have to cancel your order. 

Click on the button on the top right corner. 

You will now be sent to our Ticketshop directly. Please choose your ticket and fill out all the required information. Note that this years event is on sight only. 

There are several possibilities to get to us. 

If you want to take the train we recommend you the RB10 either from Koblenz main station or Frankfurt main station. Please take the access called Hattenheim main station and from there walk along the B42a to our event. Signs will show you the way.

Of course you can also come by car, there we recommend you take the B42 and take the access „EBS Universität“. Parking will be provided, the way to our parking lots will be signposted. 

Either a representative of our team or a representative of the firm, which is inviting you, will contact you via e-mail or telephone to let you know of your chance to take part in recruiting measures. You can then either agree or decline the offer, but don’t forget that it is not a chance unless you take it!


Here are some points that show the unique experience you gain at the EBS Symposium:

  • Listen to inspiring speeches
  • Get to know likeminded people
  • Learn a thing or two from experts discussing hot topics in our panels
  • Get some hands on experience in working with a potential employer at the workshops
  • Make an impression at the interviews
  • Use your knowledge of dinner etiquette at the Corporate Dinners
  • Show your quick thinking skills at our speed datings
  • Polish up your knowledge in our quiz duels
  • Join meetings with peers and corporate representatives
  • Enjoy a wine and wonderful food on campus
  • Take in the sunset on the corporate cruise
  • Leave satisfied and happy to have experienced the 33rd EBS Symposium

If you are a company or individual that would like to support the EBS Symposium and take part in the unique opportunities we have to offer, contact us here: info@ebs-symposium.de
We offer exclusive opportunities to meet, get to know and recruit our participants. Furthermore, we are a great platform to present yourself in front of an audience full of students and young professionals. If that sounds like something you might want to do, don’t hesitate to contact us and we will be glad to assist you in finding the perfect opportunity for your needs.