Customer Relation Management in the Automotive Industry

In the course of ongoing globalisation and digitalisation the customer is able to compare and decide between an increasing number of competitive products and brands during the decision-making process.
Therefore, the maintenance of a unique customer relationship plays a significant role to gain an advantage over its competitors. Gathering relevant and meaningful information about a customer’s preferences and buying patterns became even more important in recent years due the expanding and emerging possibilities to accompany a customer during the entire time of the purchasing process. Furthermore, as nowadays customers spend more time online, offering new products and services enhancing the customers’ experience will be necessary in order to stay competitive.
Evidently, digitalisation revolutionises the company-customer interaction in the automotive industry, representing a highly competitive market, where establishing a strong brand image and good customer relations becomes crucial in order to survive in the dynamic business environment. Its digitalisation implies major challenges but also opportunities to the whole industry. Hence, in order to thrive in the future, companies have to change focus and establish new communication tools with the customer in order to not only maintain good customer relations, but also to acquire new customers.
In order to discuss the upcoming changes in the customer relation management in the automotive industry, our experts will discuss the following questions:
How can customer relation management embrace the change and profit from new and improving technology such as Artificial Intelligence?
According to your experiences and expertise, what are the most efficient and effective methods dealing with customer relation management?
Do you rather see a risk or a chance in the transformations?

Our Experts