Meet the TEAM

The team is here to create a completely new experience for you.

Members of the Board

The success of the 34th EBS Symposium relies on the dedication and expertise of our board members. Moritz Brodt and Elia Mohn lead the team as Chairmen, while Claudius Wechsler oversees finances as Head of Finance. Nick Dawedeit manages Corporate Relations, and Svea Heinz drives Marketing. Together, they collaborate to ensure that our event offers unparalleled value and insight to attendees.

Finance / Legal

I am Head of Finance & Legal. Our team focuses on making the financial goals of the Symposium achievable. It is our responsibility to ensure and cover all legal aspects of the Symposium. We are also responsible for the financial oversight as well as working with each of the teams, in order for each of them to maximize their potential from a financial perspective.

Corporate Relations

As the Corporate Relations Team, we advise and fully support the companies around the Symposium. Our aim is to offer first-class advice on a professional level. Responsible for the entire Corporate Relations are Nick Dawedeit, Paul Innig and Erik Thoms.

Speaker Relations

Our task is to acquire speakers for the upcoming Symposium to create speeches and discussion panels and thus to determine the basic course of the Symposium. Our most important goal, which we are aiming for, is to focus on quality over quantity. By this we mean that we want to aquire less speakers with high quality rather than many speakers with less quality. Responsible for Speaker Relations are Elia Mohn and Leopold Lucas.

Marketing and IT

We are Team Marketing/IT. Our team focuses on targeting potential speakers and attendees for the next Symposium and always keeping them informed of the event. We utilize social media outlets such as LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook as well as our EBS Symposium website. Responsible for the Marketing/IT of the event are Franziska Ruhl, Svea Heinz, Benjamin Hüttermann and Furkan Tilli.

Event and Logistics

The Event Team forms the bridge between ideas and their realization. We are the foundation for everything on site and its planning. We put things into action in the best possible way in order for the other teams to act as effectively and efficiently as possible. Responsible for the planning and the logistics are Moritz Brodt, Carl von Schenck, Julius Brugger and Sam Ascani.

Participant Relations

We are Team Participant Relations. Our team has the honor and pleasure to take care of everything participant related at this year’s event. Our main goal is to create a smooth and positive experience for all participants. Our teams consists of Leon Hengstmann and Nikolaus Humberg.

Mobility Solutions

We are in charge of all of the mobility logistic issues regarding the event. Our main focus is the transportation of our speakers and corporate partners from different spots in the Rhein-Main area to the location of the Symposium. Responsible for these tasks is Felix Herfurth.


As this years Team Afterparty we are responsible for preparing an unforgettable Afterparty. With unforgettable we truly mean unforgettable! Our guests will experience something new and never before seen at the EBS Symposium. We are working closely with several key stakeholders at EBS and other prestigious institutions. Responsible for the organisation of the Afterparty is Paul von Redecker.