In the course of ongoing globalization and digitalization, the finance industry is changing and evolving daily.
Therefore, financial institutes and private investors need to adjust at a rapid pace to stay competitive. Technological advances such as payment cards, online banking and electronic trading possibilities have already transformed the financial sector.
Combined with the changing customer’s perspective and the arising of new players such as fintech start-ups, traditional financial participants are forced to face new competitions, thereby signalling a fundamental transformation of financial structures.
These changes bring up several questions concerning the changes that have to be made in the finance industry.
In this panel, current financial topics as well as the future of the financial industry will be presented by Dr. Arno Balzer and discussed by the participants.
How will digitalization influence the future of the financial industry?
Will private investments be affected by the change?
Triggered by the low-interest-rate policy as well as uncertainty concerning the development of other markets such as the real estate market, demand for risky investment opportunities is constantly increasing. Still being strongly marked by the financial crisis of 2008, this development raises more fundamental questions.
Are we moving towards another financial crisis?
Do we need more or less regulations in the financial market in the future?

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