Changing Job Expectations

Ongoing digitalisation, Artificial Intelligence, automation, demographic changes.
In modern days, our world changes constantly and still continues to transform. New requirements in the working environment as well as new challenges regarding job expectations represent a crucial part of these upcoming changes. These will affect our generation in particular.
Critics often point out that revolutionary new Artificial Intelligence tools will replace people’s skills in almost every industry in some way, leaving a fear of uncertainty behind. However, each and every one does have the opportunity to use these changes in our own favour. By implementing new technologies to complement or leverage human resources productivity and profitability can be increased. It is our future that will be affected, and it is also up to all of us to shape it by embracing the change instead of fearing it. The upcoming transformation of the current job market is a certain change we have to face. This transformation includes not only changing jobs but also a shift in job requirements towards high IT expertise. However, job creation is not only driven by innovative technologies, but also by our aging population leading to severe demographic changes. Modernization also heavily affects job applications. Applying via mobile devices in real time becomes a common tool nowadays, head hunting via social networks becomes also increasingly present.
The panel discussion “changing job expectations” aims at discussing the reasons for upcoming changes in the working environment as well as the question whether they rather represent a risk or a chance for the future workforce. As especially our generation is affected, two highly motivated and dedicated students will get the chance to discuss their ideas and questions with our experts, who will share their own experiences on changing job expectations and will give a personal forecast on upcoming changes.

Our Experts